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International Conference on Microbial Taxonomy,
Basic and Applied Microbiology

4-6 October 2012 at Kosa Hotel, Khon Kaen, Thailand

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Registration Desk

Registration desk will be opened at the Mongkut Phet 1 (2nd floor) Kosa Hotel, Khon Kaen, Thailand
- October 3th, 2012 at 16.00-18.00 pm.
- October 4th, 2012 at 08.00-09.00 pm.
Registration Fee
- Regular Thai participants 3,500 Baht
- Students from Thailand 2,000 Baht
- Foreigner 200 US
     Cost for abstract book and CD of proceeding, conference bag, lunches, coffee breaks and welcome reception are included in the registration fee.
Methods of Payment
For all participants: Please transfer the registration fee to organizer not later than October 4th, 2012
- Cash pay to The organizing committee Assist. Prof. Dr. Wandee Bunyarachata or Mrs. Bussaraporn Hongkeaw
- Bank transfer,
          «  Bank :  THE SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK PLC.
          «  Account name: INTER . MICRO . TAX
          «  Account number: 793-2-49081-0
     Please kindly fax pay-in slip to fax number (66)-43-202377 with delegates name upon the document or scan pay-in slip and send to e-mail The receipt will be given at the registration desk during the conference.
Welcome Reception
The welcome reception is held at the Mongkut Phet 2 (2nd floor) on October 4th, 2012: 18.00-20.30 pm. All participants are invited
Instructions for Presentation
Oral presentations are required to be prepared in the form MS Power point. The Oral presentation will be 15 minutes with 5 minute questions. All speakers are required to load the files before the presentation. PC-compatible computer (Microsoft office PowerPoint 2007), LCD and a projector will be provided.
Poster presentations are required to mount their posters no later than October 4th lunch time to the position indicated. The poster aim is to present titles, objectives, materials and methods, summary, results and conclusion in form of figures, graphs, tables, etc.. One poster board size will be 80 cm width x 100 cm height.
A day trip tour (to Vientiane, Laos)/excluded fee
To reserve and get information of a day trip to Laos, please contact tour desk on October 4th, 2012: 8.00 am.-12.30 pm.

Organized by the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University; the International Conference on Microbial Taxonomy, Basic and Applied Microbiology takes place during the 4th-6th October 2012. The conference will be held at Kosa Hotel in Khon Kaen, Thailand. The academic activities will include talks given by invited speakers from Japan, Europe and Thailand, a range of oral presentations and poster exhibition. Conference topics include Identification and Classification of Microorganisms, Microbial Physiology and Ecology, Natural Products from Microorganisms, Microbial Recombinant Technology and Applied Microbiology (Food, Public Health, Industry, Energy, Environment, etc.). Through these various themes, this conference seeks to frame the study of Microbiology as a vibrant field of investigation within the scientific community, whilst at the same time being of vital relevance and importance to the world at large. Objectives sought through the hosting of this conference include the promotion of academic and research collaboration among local and oversea institutions, the fostering of a culture and reputation for strong international cooperation; to accommodate long-lasting links among centres of learning and individuals. In addition, this conference will encourage Thai students to present, share and exchange ideas at an international level. It is also hoped that by the successful running of international conference of this nature, Department of Microbiology and more widely Khon Kaen University, can raise its profile as an International centre of scientific learning, as a competent organizer, and as a warm host to academics across the continents.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
: Identification and Classification of Microorganisms
: Microbial Physiology and Microbial Ecology
: Natural Products from Microorganisms
: Microbial Recombinant Technology
: Applied Microbiology: Agriculture, Food, Industry, Energy, Environment

If you have any enquire, please contact us at e-mail: Language: The official language will be English

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Important Date

Title Date
Call for paper 1 May - 31 July 2012
Late registration 1 May - 31 July 2012


Late registration
Thai student 2,000 Baht
Thai researcher 3,500 Baht
Foreigner 200 US


Account number 793-2-49081-0
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